This is my idea : 4 "drawings" that i call in french gribouillis ( it translate to scrawl... i didn't know because i'm half-french & half-latina)

So the gribouillis that I made are from a difficult time in my life.

But none the less, during times of panic i try to find peace and clam myself down.

It has to come out in chaos, then turn into fragility, to become peaceful again.

anyways what i'm trying to say or explain is the process of the gribouillis, especially the ones call panic 2, panic 3 and panic 4.

panic 2 : chaos in my heart translated into paper

panic 3 : the result of that chaotic movement ( its the back of the page )

panic 4 : the remains of the movement that i put to light ( i circle the last marks left )

Then i feel more calm, that's my process for these gribouillis

So yes, those 3 follow each other and are a trio.

( panic 1 : is just one other gribouillis that was there and i find cool too haha )

I just wanted to explain what the images where and what was my idea behind then, you can do what you want with them.

And there is no need to put text or explain the images in the zine, i think they speak for themselves.

It's just that if i had to explain my concept or whatever it would be that.

Thank you if you use my images !

panic 1
panic 3
panic 2
panic 4