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(1er cctobre 2019)

Michael's Progress on Recovery

Hello! I am Michael Scott MacKinnon. This is my story on recovery. In my earlier days I had been struggling, not motivated enough and spending time doing such things that I should have avoided. Over these past years I have learn't so much about the right things to do, evading the wrong ones. I am doing so well from the treatment received by Dr. Minh to me and previous Doctors that re stabilized my health; upon my effort in responsible decisions that could effect me or those around me. I learnt that patience is a key to life. In learning so, I have gained progress throughout many different skills witch have taking me so far with development for the future. The structure and routine of my days are so relevant to my day to day life. I love how every day to night I am always feeling better and more successful then my previous day of working or building my remote control cars.

Granting myself with new ideas and improvements to accomplish better work and at a more productive manor. I tell myself when i awake in the morning "No matter what, today will be a better day of working". Even if I don't have a job scheduled to do that day, I always get household chores done, it's a must do. Staying busy and keeping active skills on the go, and never giving up.

One of my objectives is to one day buy or build a house, perhaps a condo. In doing this it will take patience and responsible decisions with my budget. I will be sure to make every effort on my part to successfully accomplish this goal. I work well when I work, so far I have never let one of my bosses down and they are very pleased and satisfied with the job done.

Here are my ideas on my way to getting this goal completed. 

I am very happy now, I don't let anything bring me down. I build Remote Control Cars/Trucks to pass time during the day with inter-cit gearing and battery systems. It has become a passion not just a hobby. Currently I am working on videos to produce a fun video to watch of my cars and trucks. So far I have 3 cars/trucks and they are very powerful and go up to 77mph+. Of course with these speeds on the road, safety comes first without question!

I always choose a spot when and where it is safe to drive. I take time with these trucks, to absolute perfection. The gears on these are very neat but have to be perfectly matched and aligned, otherwise your motor could overheat or result in breaking the teeth on your gears. It's an expensive hobby only if you choose for it to be. These cars/trucks and be simply maintained at a low price, I just choose to take it to the next level of learning/building/skill.

I will never give up on my RC life! I review products that I purchase online with 1-5 stars and compliments in a review on product reliability, shipping costs/time, customer service and various other topics. In doing such reviews you can win prizes, even a whole cars/trucks. So many people use these "RC" cars/trucks, they are very well known across the world. Currently I have a HPI E-Firestorm Flux 10T, Traxxas Rustler VXL, Traxxas E Revo 2.0 and many spare parts ranging from different motors to different body-shells, wheels and such. This is what I do when I'm not working or spending time with family or friends. Work always comes first. So far it's one of the greatest things that has happened to me!

Working for me is an absolute must do. Staying motivated with hands on work. My very first job was moving furniture and stacking a big pile of wood when I was about 8 or 9 years of age. Then I went from dish-washing to gardening at the same restaurant in later days. Afterwords I did some carpentry: building decks, painting, putting up siding and using different measurement tools to make the appropriate cuts of wood and metal. Also demolishing different such things and removing them to the dump. I had found this very motivating, of course with guidance along the way from my boss. I am very enlightened to do such work again. Currently I mow lawns around my neighborhood and water different gardens and flower pots as well. I sent in an application to work at a restaurant because I am looking for more work for winter. I have spoken to some friends and I will keep very busy this up coming winter. I will never give up working. It's my responsibility to stay up to date and create projects and better improvements for my future independence. I learn by doing and taking action not just thinking about it. It is essential to me to get my priority's done and not let anything get in the way. If another priority is in the way, I'll take a few minutes and schedule what needs to be done first. Sometimes I think of prior days when I really wasn't motivated enough but I don't let it bother me, as I may have not been doing doing so well. Instead I take action for where I am now in reality and apply myself to my fullest potential. I always do chores every day, well because I have to have a healthy, clean environment.

I am greatly appreciating all the work and time my Dr. and his Team have put into giving me advice. Taking action with my reality, staying working, healthy/clean and a day to day structured base. 

With all this said, I thank you Dr. Minh and your Team, as well as previous Drs. I have seen; for making me a honest person with others and myself! Michael Mackinnon. I am having a great time working now, and I will stay working, healthy and have a structure to my day to day life. 

Thank you,